hey god, say why you want me to be
for what purpose u breathed soul in me
each night I lay down on a crumpled misery
will it turn out to be a blind alley?

all the reasons on a gray afternoon
please tell me what kind of game we have to play
i`ve created you in my image, I'm longing for your boon
waiting for your thank you for everyday

i gave u the purest love
and u make my brain become deranged
labyrinth, my every thought
with a feeling that has lost its way

a frantic dart n` desperate search
i should look back on this world from the highest perch
you never showed me how to get out
how to ease what used to be hard 
all I gotta do is

be awake
just feel your time
feel the rain
every drop's invigorating
sun the shine
spread the grain
taste the moment ain`t it grand?

What you thought with time you became
And if it poisoned you ain't no backways
Once trapped by mind nothing'll be the same
Life doesn't show its real face

Only one way leads from this well / There's only one way from this well
Through your custom-made personal hell
Of cracked feelings and thoughts you can't fight
Just ease them and let them to fly
Over the maze and the night

i`m a fault of a mistake
but i'm a relief in a dream-make
i`m a howl in a daybreak
the perfect imperfection
stop to grind
find your lane
the maze was built up with your hands
sun the shine
spread the grain
taste the moment ain`t it grand?








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