About us 

If someone is asked to introduce himself, or his band, in a few sentences, usually he talks about where he came from, what he has achieved so far in life or what his plans are. But we aren’t your ‘typical’ band. The questions of "why" and "how" are the subjects of the introduction below.

The big “fall upon” and the swampy beta communication

- Milan say something about the band!
- What do you mean?
- Something we could put on our site.
- Hmm ... There are no coincidences.
- You wanna put that on our site?
- Yep.
- A little more about?
- It all began with the red drum kit.
- What’s that?
- I placed an order for a new drum kit.  I knew exactly what model I wanted.  I also knew that I definitely didn’t want it to come in red.  A couple of weeks later I had a call from the shop that the drums had arrived.  Of course, I didn’t get the model I’d ordered.. and .. guess what colour they were? Red! Do you understand? They were red... Anyway, I’d been looking forward to having a new kit so I took it home. But I still didn’t like the colour, so I gave up after a few weeks and placed an ad in the paper...
- To find a female companion for the weekend?
- Do not be red!
- Completely understand.
- Yeah ... So I met Miro.
- Did he report to this ad?
- Yes. I met you at the same time and then I met the others.. I mean the previous “red” was about the drums. Do you understand? If he did not order the red drums, we would probably have never met.


Music should be a tool for processing emotions for the player and for the listener alike. Our music is rooted in rock but we don’t feed a plant that would be stuck in the same ground! If there's a feeling that needs soft soil, we will not push it into rocky dirt. That’s why we don’t insist on only one style. We play every shade, from the straddle-stand rock ’n’ roll to a wide spectral range; sofa-sinking slow songs inviting for space journey. And if the final product is likeable and helps someone hit it off with emotions and make the first steps on the way to self-healing, then we have accomplished our mission.
The serenity is where you find it. But don’t forget, every exit is an entry somewhere.

Here are some basic facts (you should know) about the band:

Our height together is: 8m and 101cm (30 feet)Mix
Max spread: 896cm (29,8 feet), little bit less then the hight, but it doesn‘t mean we are short handed
Total weight without equipment: 481kg (summer), 487kg (winter)
Estimated complete cubic capacity (CCC): 457215,7 cm3 (27901 cubic inches)
Number of cylinders: 5, for 2 of them - public access denied
We can play on 16 strings the same time

We can also feel good at parties without non-alcoholic drinks. There was a time when our favourite colour was guppie green with golden yellow shade, but nowadays we rather prefer stinger and dewy colours.

We have a thoughtful, balanced way of life in its usual rythm. We live our everyday lives in a disciplined way by sticking to strict fundamental rules:
Regardless of age, sex or colour, we are against consumption of any alcoholic drinks between 9 and 10 am (except Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday).
We play just what we like, or what we are paid for and we like.



GYURI / DURI - vocal, keyboard
MIR - vocal, guitar
CSABA KISS - guitar
LUI - bass
MIKE - drums

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WARNING: The records may contain nuts!



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